15 Dads Who Love To Embarrass Their Kids

Dads can be some of the most embarrassing and annoying creatures on earth. They’re constantly trying to be ‘cool’, constantly trying to be funny, and in the attempt they just embarrass the hell out of you.

Well, here are 15 dads who just couldn’t take a hint, and went way overboard.


1. He’s a fish out of water.

Twitter | @madiidowns


2. Hope he didn’t kill a live raccoon for it though!

Twitter | @_AmberXoXoX


3. Standing ovation anyone?

Twitter | @lo_rach


4. Burn! Dad style.

Twitter | @jackquarles


5. Dads, always stealing your thunder!

Tumblr | thedailylaughs


6. Dads, always stuck in the wrong decade.

Instagram | @horrendousmemes


7. Dads are trying to become text trendsetters.

Twitter | @donyarabian


8. A delivery on the move.

Twitter | @millie_kay


9. Nothing to worry about. I’ll be fine FYI.

Imgur | UhBell


10. Dads always know how to take care of cars.

Instagram | @thorpeb


11. Dumbledore reborn!

Twitter | @illnikki


12. This is cute.

Twitter | @_logankyndall


13. When dads try to go all gangsta!

Twitter | @abilabagail


14. Dad always has all the answers.

Twitter | @DonDadaLipz


15. This Dad is gonna’ be all decked up for the parent-teacher meeting.



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