15 Bizarre Creations From Some Very Creative Inventors

The creative inventors who inspired the patents below are undoubtedly geniuses, but perhaps their contraptions are a little bit too innovative. 



They may be a little unorthodox, but we see where the ideas are coming from. Some inventions may have even had a niche audience interested, but these inventions never made it to the factory floor.

1. A Panic Alarm For The Dead

US Patent 500072 A / August Lindquist

In 1893, August Linquist came up with the idea for an alarm clock for “persons who are prematurely buried before life is extinct,” so they can “sound an alarm, thus notifying the cemetery officials of the fact.” Morbid, but thoughtful.

2. A Pair Of Leaf-Gathering Pants

US Patent 6604245 B1 / Paul Frederic Kinnier

inventor Paul Frederic Kinnier must have loathed yard work because he designed a pair of pants with either a temporary or permanent net attached to collect leafs.

3. Protective Gadget For The Buttocks And Hips

US Patent 4151613 A / Jhoon G. Rhee

Back in the late 1970’s when skateboarding was at its peak, inventor Jhoon G. Rhee must have been passionate about protecting the butts and hips of budding skateboarders. To protect them during falls, he created this device, which is “constructed from a resilient material, such as plastic foam which may be covered with a tough, pliable plastic material or the like.”

4. Clothing To Display Your Pet

US Patent 5901666 A / Brice Belisle

It’s outerwear designed for small animal lovers. Brice Belisle designed this contraption to put small pets, like rodents, on permanent display.

5. Leg/Ankle Arrest Tool

US Patent 5400623 A / Julius Bota

Julius Bota aimed to help either the police, or potential victims, or both, to apprehend a potential culprit with this product.

6. Criminal Confession Enticer

US Patent 1749090 A / Adelaide Shelby Helene

Inventor Adelaide Shelby Helene had a very brilliant mind to come up with this idea back in 1927. She explained that the device creates “illusory effects calculated to impress the subject with their being of a supernatural character and to so work upon his imagination as to enable an inquisitor operating in conjunction with the recording system to obtain confessions and graphically record them.” Okay, then…

7. Child Carrier

US Patent 6241136 B1 / Paul R. Harriss

Paul R. Harriss invented this unorthodox child carrier in 2000. Not sure why it didn’t take off…

8. Vacuum Cleaner In Toy-Dog Form

US Patent 3771192 A / Anne Margaret Zaleski

In 1973, Anne Margaret Zaleski decided to create a vacuum cleaner in the shape of a fluffy dog. We’re not sure if the intention was to help real-life pups to overcome their vacuum fear, because owners need to leverage that at times.

9. Target Practice

US Patent 4044405 A / Joel S. Kreiss

Joel S. Kreiss made this one for the lads back in 1976, but I’m sure the women of the house would have appreciated that the product aimed “to attract the attention of urinating human males.”

10. Sanitary Appliance For Birds

US Patent 2882858 A / Bertha A. Dlu’gi

You read right; a diaper for your small pet bird. Bertha A. Dlu’gi designed this patent in 1956 for owners “to provide a sanitary garment for birds that is extremely light in weight and that may be worn by a bird without hampering its movement in any way.”

11. Doggy Dust Cover

US Patent 3150641 A / Kesh Seroun

Kesh Seroun designed this protective cover to keep cats and dogs from rubbing off the ointments or powders before they had healed the inflicted pet.

12. Flushable Vehicle Spittoon

US Patent 4989275 A / Dan L. Fain

Dan L. Fain’s idea might not have seemed so far-fetched back in the day, but now the idea is completely irrelevant, not to mention kind of confusing!

13. Portable Bar

US Patent 4681244 A / John D. Geddie

I think there would have been many fans of John D. Geddie portable bar idea, who designed this product to help punters enjoy mixed drinks on the go.

14. Device For Hair Growth

US Patent 5662714 A / Guy Charvin and Patrick Frechet

This painful-looking contraption was developed by Guy Charvin and Patrick Frechet for men with baldness. I think many would have just opted for a toupee instead…

15. Toe Puppet

US Patent 5830035 A / David J. Budreck

David J. Budreck came up with this idea for entertaining little ones in 1995. Talk about a toe workout!