14 Of The Strangest Names That Teachers Have Come Across

Perhaps one of the most important things to do, when bringing a new kid into the world, is to decide upon a good name for them. Names matter, and they need a name they can be proud of.

However, not all parents take names all so seriously. After all, ‘what’s in a name’ right?

So below are some of the strangest names that teachers have reported having encountered in their classes.

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1. Ice Cold

Flickr / Carlos Andrés Reyes

But what if he turns out to be all warm and gooey like hot butter?

2. Mister

Flickr / Christiaan Briggs

They were probably laughing about the fact that he would one day be called “Mr. Mister.”

3. Poultry

Flickr / Gep Pascual

What if she’s lactose intolerant? That would be sweet irony.

4. Pennis

Flickr / Denis Mihailov

These parents really wanted their kid to be bullied and harassed in school.

5. Porn

Flickr / Tracy the Astonishing

This is too awful to even contemplate.

6. Indiana Jones

Flickr / Michael Kordahi

They have great expectations from him.

7. Peachtreanna

Flickr / beautifulcataya

She’s from Georgia, so…

8. Starshyt

Filckr / Jim Epler

Let’s hope the name refers to something else in some other language.

9. Peonme

Flickr / Paw Paw

But why?

10. Mrs. Poo

Flickr / maggielovejun

“Oh that’s wicked, you! It’s so awful, we shouldn’t do it!”, “But do you want to do it anyway?”, “YES! Name her, let’s see what happens.”

11. Princess

Flickr / rjp

Furthermore, her brothers and sisters are called Crowned Prince, Prince, Princess Modica-Nordica, and Prince Mowgli. Enough, people!

12. Neo

Flickr / 婠 玥

Surely this comes from lovers of The Matrix, right?

13. Civic Celebration

Flickr / Jay

Not a very catchy name, but okay.

14. Wanna Smoke

Flickr / tomoyukinoshita


If you ever hated your parents for giving you some boring old regular name, just think of these kids and be grateful!