14 Amy Schumer And Trainwreck Facts You Need To Know!

Amy Schumer is one of the funniest women in Hollywood right now, as evidenced by her amazing show “Inside Amy Schumer”. However, she brought all that awesomeness to the big screen with a great comedy “Trainwreck”.

If you loved Amy Schumer or the movie, just go through these awesome behind-the-scenes tidbits about it!



1. Trainwreck is actually based on Amy Schumer and her own life.

Her father actually suffers from multiple sclerosis.

The Epoch Times


2. Judd Apatow heard her interview on the Howard Stern Show and he was immediately sold on Trainwreck!

The Hollywood Reporter


3. The directors weren’t sure that Bill Hader and Amy Schumer were a good match!

Judd set up a dinner for them one night, and he was secretly observing their chemistry. It goes without saying, they passed!

Luddite Robot


4. Amy Schumer had a tough time acting opposite Brie Larson, who played the role of her sister.

Those moments sometimes got to be too personal for her.

The Business Insider


5. Amy Schumer wanted a “Tilda Swinton type” to play her boss. Judd made it happen.

As soon as Judd Apatow heard about it, he immediately dialed Tilda Swinton and gave her the role.



6. That first kiss in the subway is based on Bill Hader’s actual life.

The Hollywood Reporter


7. Amy Schumer practiced the final cheer routine relentlessly.

Amy later said it was one of the most difficult scenes she’s ever shot.

Basement Rejects


8. Amy Schumer only had one rule while shooting her one night stand scenes.

She insisted that they would have to be bid farewell at the door, for risk of coming off as “slutty.”

Coming Soon


9. John Cena practiced his sex scenes with a male double?

Boston Magazine


10. However, Cena’s girlfriend was quite mad that he didn’t consult her about the scene first.

He even had to make a public apology to her.

The Business Insider


11. Amy Schumer used a popular line from The Royal Tenenbaums!

Anjelica Huston’s says, “Where’s the doctor?”, in response to finding out about her father’s cancer. Amy used that exact line.



12. Amy Schumer was really keen on casting LeBron James in the film.

Seattle Times


13. Chris Rock contributed to the LeBron James scenes.

The New Yorker


14. Also. Daniel Radcliffe hasn’t changed professions to Dogwalker, in case you were wondering.

While filming some of the scenes, they came across Radcliffe walking a couple of dogs. He’s not doing it professionally though, if that’s what you were hoping.

Us Weekly

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