13 Pieces Of Trivia About Steel Magnolias

We all need a good cry sometimes. For no reason at all. It offers some relief. When you’re in that mood, the best movie to put on is Steel Magnolias.

The story was actually quite a personal one for the writer. And in fact, Steel Magnolias started off as a play! This is just one amongst many pieces of delicious trivia about this lovely film.

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1. The Director was skeptical about Dolly Parton’s acting skills

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Dolly messed up one of her takes, and Herbert Ross shot out asking her if she even knew how to act. Her response: “No, but it’s your job to make me look like I can!”

2. Julia Roberts reminded the writer of his sister

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Robert Harling, the writer, cast Roberts because, “She walked into the room and that smile lit everything up and I said ‘That’s my sister.’”

3. Meg Ryan was originally supposed to play Shelby

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However, she was released from her contract so she could star in the other iconic movie of the year: When Harry Met Sally!

4. According to the director, Daryl was too beautiful for the role

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Annelle was supposed to be plain and modest looking. The director didn’t think Daryl could convincingly fit into that role. However, when Daryl appeared on set dressed for her role, she was so into character that the security wouldn’t allow her through!

5. Dolly and Daryl Hannah took stylist lessons from experts

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They spent time with stylists to study their craft and perfect their roles.

6. Sally Field was thought to be too young for the role

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The producers didn’t think Sally could convincingly play the mother of a 22-year-old Shelby. She pointed out that she was already the mother of a 22-year-old boy!

7. The original stage play features no men

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In the original stage play the actresses discuss the men in their lives at length, but we never see any of them.

8. The U.K. Premiere was attended by no other than Princess Diana!


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She appeared with Prince Charles when the movie premiered in 1990 in the UK.

9. While filming, the cast members got themselves local lake homes

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The movie was shot in Natchitoches, Louisiana, and most of the cast members rented property by the lake. Shirley MacLaine apparently asked her realtor, “Would my nude sunbathing cause any problems?”

The realtor’s response was perfect: “Only a traffic jam on the lake.”

10. Dolly even wrote a soundtrack for the movie

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The song was written for Susan and it was called “Eagle When She Flies.” However, it didn’t make the final cut, and appeared later in her 1991 album.

11. The Film’s success actually helped fulfill one of Susan’s wishes

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In a conversation that Susan had with her brother before dying, she said she wished she could help him with his writing career. In channeling his grief and writing this stunning piece of work, Robert was able to fulfill his sister’s dying wish.

12. Susan’s parents found comfort in the movie

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When asked how the mother could watch the final scene with dry eyes, she responded saying, “I wanted to see Julia get up and walk away.”

13. They hired Susan’s actual hospital staff for the movie

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They wanted to provide the scene a sense of authenticity, so they had Susan’s actual doctors and caretakers appear on screen.

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