13 Feline Quirks Only Cat Owners Can Appreciate

Cat owners know that there are both good and maybe a little less good sides to living with cats.

Each cat is individual in its own right. As such, cat owners must train themselves to be able to understand their feline friends and their needs. Cat owners need to be able to recognize their cats’ favorite hiding spots, their favorite food items, and many other things!

Below you’ll find listed a couple of things that all cat owners will probably understand.

These are the good and the less good sides of being cat owners.

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1. Clothes are mostly made of cat hair

Flickr / A.Davey

At least cat owners don’t need to shell out on a fur coat, right?


2. Cats love sitting on laptops

Flickr / Justin Dolske

Cat owners may be either amused or annoyed by this.


3. Cat hair is the ninth ingredient in all dishes

Flickr / simonetta viterbi

This is something cat owners have learnt to tolerate, if not celebrate.


4. Cat owners find lost objects in the unlikeliest of places

Flickr / Morgan

You thought you were being robbed, but no it was just your cat.


5. Cat owners love taking pictures of their sleeping cats

Jess Catcher

That should account for about 99% of your camera folder.


6. Cat owners don’t need alarm clocks

Flickr / Gordon Buxton

Because cats need their nourishment early in the morning and they’ll do anything to get it!


7. Cat owners can go for hours holding their bladders

Flickr / Russell Bernice

So they don’t have to move their cats from their laps.


8. House cats replace house plants

Flickr / Lydia Pintscher

Or they turn into your cat’s new play thing.


9. Cat owners love using them as an excuse to get out of boring social gatherings early

Jess Catcher

“I just remembered, my cat is hungry and I need to feed him!”


10. Cats are the only ornaments you need on your Christmas trees

Flickr / David Precious

Because cats are insanely territorial and will knock away any and all ornaments.


11. Cat owners are full of scratch marks

Jess Catcher

They have their own stories to tell.


12. Cat owners often receive terrible gifts

Flickr / Hisashi

If you’re lucky you’ll find a poor dead bird on your doorstep and not on your bed.


13. Cat owners love a good purrrr…

Grace Eire

It’s music to the ears!

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