12 Reasons Why Unicorn Eye Liner Is The New Trend


This day and age offers all types of crazy trends and designs, and that even includes eyeliner. Ever heard of Unicorn Eyeliner? Well it’s a thing, and it’s taking over. Here are 12 examples of how awesome this new trend actually looks!

1. Now this is seriously awesome, that must have taken a while.

via Instagram / @emmavicamini

2. This just looks perfect, it looks just like a unicorn horn!

via Instagram / @krissiikiwii

3. This unicorn eyeliner looks so fun, vibrant and glittery!

via Instagram / @virginiaalanis

4. This one is simplier but still just as effective

via Instagram / @makeupartist.haiden

5. This one looks really colourful against a blank canvas, it looks awesome!

via Instagram / @dreyzzydrey

6. Her whole outfit looks on point, the eyeliner is clearly the highlight

via Instagram / @nicoledawntaylor

7. This blue and yellow combination, is different but still just as good!

via Instagram / @amourofbeauty

8. This one must have taken a while!

via Instagram / @makeup_frenzy_girl

9. This eyeliner looks like something out of a movie – just look at that glitter!

via Instagram / @beautifiedbyandreina

10. This is something from a fairytale – every girls dream

via Instagram / @frontpaigemua

11. The pink look on this one is just stunning!

via Instagram / @jazzayling

12. It looks like a unicorn has just landed on her face, seriously good makeup!

via Instagram / @lynherose_mua