12 Men Who Prove That Being 'Old' Doesn't Have To Be A Bad Thing

Facebook | T-Michael

The world can be quite ageist, right? Some people consider people to be ‘old’ when they reach 40, for some that bar is higher at 60, and for others still it might be even higher. When we think of the term ‘old’ we generally recall a stooped stature, wrinkles, graying hair, and other traditionally unattractive features.

However, below you’ll find 12 similarly “old” men with wrinkles and graying hair, who will still get you all hot and heavy. These silver foxes prove that age is just a number.

1. Anton Nilsson – 53

Just look at those ‘come hither’ eyes!

Instagram | @swedishanton

2. Aiden Brady – 50

The sexiest thing about him is that messy white mane of hair.

Instagram | @mr_aidenbrady Instagram | @mr_aidenbrady

3. Philippe Dumas – 60

Looking classy!

Instagram | @dumphil

4. Ron Jack Foley – Age unknown

The grooming on this guy is seriously sexy.

Instagram | @to_ron_to

5. Jeremy Lea – 50

He’s the supreme Sugar Daddy.

Instagram | @jeremylea6

6. T. Michael – 50

Sexy and fashionable.

Facebook | T-Michael

7. Garrett Swann – 47

The kind of man you wouldn’t mind being a damsel for.

Instagram | @thegarrettswann Instagram | @thegarrettswann

8. Gianluca Vacchi – 49

The ultimate bad boy.

Instagram | @gianlucavacchi Instagram | @gianlucavacchi

9. Anthony Varrecchia – 53

This gruff bear would show you the time of your life!

Instagram | @anthony.varrecchia

10. Irvin Randle – 54

Handsome and seriously classy.

Instagram | @irvinrandle

11. Fransisco Cipriano – 45

He looks like he belongs in some classic French film.

Instagram | @fcipriano

12. Seth Andrew Silver – 65

He proves that you’re never too old for tattoos.

Instagram | @sir_ndrewsilver Instagram | @sir_ndrewsilver