12 Little Details About The Infamous Playboy Mansion

Playboy is one of the most successful magazines out there. However, its infamous headquarters “Playboy Mansion” is still shrouded in mystery.

Here are a few facts to demystify the Playboy Mansion!

1. The grotto is full of harmful bacteria, as determined by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health.


2. Rumors have it that there are secret underground tunnels under the Playboy Mansion that allow celebrities to visit in secrecy.

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3. Lennon allegedly once put out his cigarette on an original Matisse painting in the Playboy Mansion.


4. They even have a Zoo license.

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5. One of the rooms in Playboy Mansion is rumored to have been frequently used by Elvis Presley.

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6. It’s the only LA residence with a fireworks permit.

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7. Surprisingly, the Playboy Mansion doesn’t often host wild parties.


8. The Playmates get $1000 a week in allowance, however they aren’t allowed to invite guests and they have a 9 PM curfew.


9. The interiors aren’t very well maintained.

Izabella James, a former Playmate of the house, wrote a book in which she stated that the furniture was often scattered around, and that the mattresses were often stained and dirty.


10. In fact, the carpets in Hugh’s bedroom sometimes went through several years without cleaning.

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11. The Playboy Mansion originally belonged to Louis D. Statham, a NASA employee.

Hugh Hefner bought it for 1 million in 1971.

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12. Several celebrities are banned from the Playboy Mansion.

Luke Wilson once got banned for sneaking in a friend.

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