12 Intriguing Facts About 'The First Wives Club'

Some movies are forever. They stay with you years, maybe even decades, after the rolling credits are over. These are movies you constantly think about, movies you relate to, movies you quote relentlessly. One such eternal movie is The First Wives Club from 1996.

The movie starred Bette Midler, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn as ex-wives determined to get back at their ex-husbands after they’ve been cast aside for younger models. Below are a couple of fun facts that you might like to know about the movie!


1. This was the first time the director was working on such a comedy.

Hugh Wilson’s most reverent work till then had been Police Academy.



2. The three women were all onboard for a sequel.

However, the studio didn’t agree to it.

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3. Jennifer Lawrence mentioned the film during her Golden Globes acceptance speech in 2013.

She quoted the film, saying, “What does this say? It says I beat Meryl!” However, the reference was lost on most people, and they thought JLaw was openly insulting the queen.


But we got it, JLaw!




4. Jon Stewart was originally supposed to be in it.

He was originally meant to play Goldie Hawn’s current boyfriend.



5. It’s based on a book by Olivia Goldsmith.

The novel came out back in 1992, a few years before the movie.



6. The three stars were born within the same 45-day period.

So they all celebrated their 50th while making the movie!

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Isn’t Goldie awesome!




7. Timothy Olyphant made his film debut with this movie.

He was the director who wanted to star Elise.



8. A remake is due.

The remake will star Alyson Hannigan, Megan Hilty and Vanessa Lachey.

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9. It swept away the box office.

It reigned supreme at #1 for three whole weeks!


It’s still a much loved movie.




10. Midler was originally told that the movie would fail in the box office.

Midler was told the movie wouldn’t do well because it was up against big-budget action flicks. But no action hero could stop these women!



11. The movie made $18.9M at the box office!

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12. Diane Keaton was the only unmarried star of the film.


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