12 Funny Phobias That Some Dogs Have

Dogs can be brave and loyal when it comes to protecting loved ones. But they can also have some really funny phobias of their own!

It’s commonly known that thunderstorms, lightning, and vacuum cleaners can make a big baby of the bravest of dogs. But some of these other instances shared by Reddit users are a lot more unusual, and a lot more fun!

But isn’t this one of the many reasons we love dogs so much? They can be brave as hell, but they aren’t afraid of admitting it when they’re scared witless!

So read on down below and let us know if your pup shares any of these funny phobias!

1. BBQ Tongs

Flickr / woodleywonderworks

“My dog absolutely hates when I click the BBQ-tongs in his direction.” — squash_buddy

2. Dog Toys

Flickr / sailn1

“My dog is afraid of her own toys. She also loves to play with them. This leads to a deeply conflicted psychological state, where she will pick up a toy, run around with it for a few seconds, realize what she has done, drop the toy, and then run from it as if it were made of lava.

“If I go and pick up the toy, it suddenly becomes safe again and she wants to play with it. I will throw it for her, she will pick it up, and the entire process begins again.” — mega05

3. Air Conditioners



“My dog tried to fight my air conditioner. If noise is coming out of the vent, she just stands on it and keeps slamming her paw on it until it turns off.” — Reddit user

4. Bicycles


Flickr / Conal Gallagher

“Bicycles; not when we’re walking down the street and someone rides by, but when it’s leaning in the front hallway or is chained up outside, completely inactive.” — TessDevin

5. Leaves


Flickr / liz west

“If she hears a tree rustle or a single leaf gets carried in the wind in her direction she will yank as hard as she can on her leash, thrash her neck around and release a scream of terror.

“People will immediately come out of their houses and assume that I am trying to murder her, when in fact it was a leaf that blew in her direction.” — sweetstylemoss

6. Watermelons

Flickr / Mike Mozart

“I was out walking him a while back, when we discovered a patch of wild watermelons growing along the sidewalk. He was doing his normal doggie thing, sniffing around and looking for places to pee, until he saw an actual melon.

“At that point, he jumped back, gave one of the biggest ‘wtf is that???’ looks I’ve ever seen him give, and refused to go near it again. For some reason, they appear to be vicious, corgi-eating monsters.” — lbeaty1981

7. Rearranged Furniture



“If we move the furniture around and then let the dog in, he loses it, starts barking at the chairs and then searches for the intruder that broke in and messed with his house.” — Dave_NZ

8. Balloons

Flickr / Shaun Fisher

“My pit bull is TERRIFIED of balloons. This 80lb dog literally leapt into my arms on the couch the first time one came near her.” — Mujlet

9. Lawnmowers

Flickr / osseous

“When I mow my lawn they are perfectly fine. But once they hear my neighbor’s lawnmower start up they go crazy and try to find a place to hide.” — odnalyd

10. Smoke Alarms

Flickr / Katy Warner

“She gets so afraid when the smoke alarm has that ‘time to change your battery’ chirp. She looks for the culprit for awhile but eventually runs away to climb onto my lap.” — kevik72

11. Doorways

Flickr / Randy Salgado

“Walking through a door head first. In or out of the house, any doorway in the house. He will walk to the door, turn 180 degrees, then back through the door. Every. Single. Time.” — TBarnyard32

12. Hiccups



“Of all things, she is afraid of hiccups.” — Quintus_78

Does your pup share any of these funny phobias? Do let us know about your dog’s own quirks down below and SHARE with all the dog lovers you know!