12 Delicious Dishes You Should Be Making With Your Eggs

Zoë Burnett / BuzzFeed

1. Poached and scrambled eggs.

Via food52.com

Via food52.com

Scramble the eggs and then cook them in boiling water.

2. Crusty poached eggs.

Cover your poached eggs in bread crust and pan fry them.

3. Egg Brûlée.

Torch those boiled eggs and then feast on the smoky goodness.

4. Bag omelettes.

An easy and delicious trick is to prepare those omelettes inside a bag.

5. Seltzer scrambled eggs.

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Via thekitchn.com

Use a tablespoon of seltzer with two eggs. Scramble them, and then feast on the light and fluffy result.

6. Use Red Wine!

Via dessertfortwo.com

Via dessertfortwo.com

The next time you poach your eggs, be sure to do it in red wine. It gives it a nice punch and flavor, and is great for parties!

7. Prepare an egg soufflé

Whip those egg whites until they become fluffy like clouds and then use them to make a light omelette soufflé.

8. Hot Oil poached eggs.

Directly pan fry and poach your eggs.

9. Dazzle your yolks with salt and sugar.


If you have some leftover yolk, pickle them in salt and sugar and then grate them over dishes like spaghetti.

10. Pickled eggs.

Alex Lau / Via bonappetit.com

Pickle your deviled eggs in brine.

11. Prepare eggs devaux.

Eggs devaux is a vastly underrated egg cooking technique that produces a fluffy white cloud with a delicious runny yolk within. It’s simple to make as well, whip those whites into a white fluffy cloud, and then bury the yolk within it!

12. Broth poached eggs.

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Instead of simple water, try cooking your poached eggs in broth. It will add a delicious flavor to it!

Try these at home immediately!