12 Celebrity Moms And Their Daughters

We all know that Hollywood is full of some of the most beautiful people on earth. And when these celebrities have kids, it’s natural that the kids would have super good looks as well. So here in this list you’ll find a list of some really famous celebrity moms and their incredibly beautiful daughters!

1. Lea Thompson from the Back to the Future trilogy now stars in Switched at Birth.

It somehow seems like she hasn’t aged a day, doesn’t it?

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Zoey Deutch is her daughter, and she is already making a name for herself in the industry, having starred in The Vampire Academy.

It’s clear to see that she has her celebrity mom’s stunning good looks!

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2. Lisa Bonet is fondly remembered as Denise Huxtable/Kendall on The Cosby Show. She now makes appearances in shows like Girls, and Ray Donovan.


Zoë Kravitz is her daughter, and the pair looks so much like each other! Kravitz has been carving a name for herself by starring in the Divergent series, and even Mad Max!


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3. Christie Brinkley is one of the world’s foremost supermodels, however her position might just get usurped by her daughter…

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Sailor Brinkley Cook has already started her modeling career and has even appeared in magazine spreads with her celebrity mom!

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4. Reese Witherspoon has been Hollywood’s most fabulous blond since her Legally Blonde days! She now stars in Big Little Lies.

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Ava Phillippe, her daughter, is a dead ringer for her celebrity mom!

The only thing that sets her apart is the fact that she has colored her hair cotton candy pink!

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5. Kris Jenner is the matriarch of one of the most powerful families in the world right now!

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Kim Kardashian, her daughter, the queen of social media, surely takes after her mom’s good looks.

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6. Goldie Hawn has been in some of the most fondly remembered movies of all time, such as The First Wives Club.

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You might not know this, but her daughter is Kate Hudson! Hudson has followed through on her celebrity mom’s footsteps and she’s become the leading name in Romantic Comedies!

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7. Meryl Streep is definitely the most brilliant actress in the world right now, with several Oscar wins and countless nominations.

She truly has it all, love, adulation, a stellar career that doesn’t end, and a lovely family!


Her daughters, Mamie and Grace Gummer, look exactly like she did at that age! Grace even appeared in one of the recent seasons of American Horror Story!


8. Yolanda Foster used to be the world’s most famous supermodel. You might not know this, but her daughter has clearly taken after her fame…


Gigi Hadid is the world’s most famous supermodel at just the age of 21! In fact, it is universally acknowledged that she has very well transformed the modeling industry!



9. Blythe Danner is a Tony and Emmy Award-winning actress who has starred in the Fockers series.


Her daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow, is currently Hollywood royalty, and an Oscar winner!



10. Susan Sarandon has appeared in more movies than we can count. She is especially noteworthy for her role in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.



Her daughter, Eva Amurri, has appeared on Friends, How I Met Your Mother, and various other TV shows as well!



11. Lisa Marie has established herself in the music industry with several well-received albums released.


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Riley Keough, her daughter, is on her way to taking over the film industry, having appeared in Magic Mike and even Mad Max: Fury Road. She is one to watch out for!



12. Diane Lane, Time magazine’s “the new Grace Kelly,” still appears in popular movies.


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Eleanor Lambert, her daughter, has clearly taken after her celebrity mom in terms of looks, however she hasn’t gone down the film industry. She has instead decided to carve her name in the world of modeling and freelance writing.



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