12 Celebrities Photographed In Complicated Relationships


Celebrities in Hollywood seem to go through a revolving door of relationships. They can honestly be a little confusing, and hard to keep up with.

But these celebrities undoubtedly give us a lot of gossip fodder and entertainment and that’s what we’re here for! So just go through these images of 12 celebrities who have been photographed with their exes’ future snuggles!

1. Mad Love turned to Bad Blood.

Both Katy Perry and Taylor Swift dated John Mayer. This allegedly led to their epic Bad Blood rivalry.

Business Insider

2. Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry were also friends.

However, things between them remained civil.

Daily Mail

3. Both Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus dated Nick Jonas.

But neither relationships lasted.

Star Magazine

4. This group of exes had to keep seeing each other for quite a while.

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush from One Tree Hill got married in 2004 and divorced soon after. Bush then dated James Lafferty for a while, but that ended as well. Then they had to all continue working together on the show till 2012.

Gregory Pace | Getty Images

5. Nikki Reed and Robert Pattinson used to be a thing!

But that ended, and then came Kristen Stewart. But that ended disastrously as well. That must have been one awkward movie set.


6. Sarah Hyland and Dominic Sherwood met while shooting Vampire Academy.

This looks like quite a pickle.


7. Tyler Posey would soon date her.

Greg clearly has no idea.


8. Gigi Hadid dated Joe Jonas, and Swift was totally cool with it.


Hollywood Take

9. Gigi also dated Zayn, who has been photographed with Joe here.


10. Sofia and Selena met in their younger days.

She was really young then. They all were.

Extra TV

11. Big Sean clearly allows his artistic companions to turn into his romantic interests.

Big Sean has mad music chemistry with both Ariana Grande and Jhene Aiko!


12. Big Sean is seen talking to Ariana’s future boyfriend.


Which of these celebrities would you love to date? Share with all other gossip feeders you know!