12 Beautiful Photos that Carry a Hidden Meaning

Some mysterious, some unconventional and some cute pictures that will make your day. Get a hold of the latest collections of incredibly arcane photos of the year.

We would strongly welcome your comments. Also, do share these photos with your fellow photographers. They are truly wonders of nature with a touch of humor.

#1 – Grizzly bears trying to give an Anime theme. Wonder if they are trying to show their anger at what humanity has done to their natural habitats.

via Aaron Huey / National Geographic


#2 – The Ukraine Coal Miner, Igor Voronkin, did some serious work down the mine he went into. Looks like some arcane ancient language.

via Evgenia Arbugaeva / National Geographic


#3 – Hard work does not have to be paid in money. These kids show water is worth more than anything else in these cold secluded plains of Alaska.

via Wayne Lawrence / National Geographic


 #4 – Humanity is not dead. As we take a drive around the city in our luxurious cars, these people work hard to help the blind to see the wonders of the world.

via Brent Stirton / National Geographic


#5 – Nature in its full glory. Even these cranes understand that in times of a storm, the only way to get out is to unite.

via Randy Olson / National Geographic


#6 – This kid shows that even animals can be our friends. As she swims with her adorable pet, a million other animals die due to human actions.

via Charlie Hamilton James / National Geographic


#7 – A mother literally taking her kid’s burden on her shoulders.

via Joel Sartore / National Geographic


#8 – Working hard to make a livelihood just for a single piece of fruit that is 100 feet above the ground. Now that is dedication and hard work.

via Tim Laman / National Geographic


#9 – A space suit being tested. Let us hope the venture proves to be a viable one for all of us.

via Phillip Toledano / National Geographic


#10 – No, this is not an eye of a monster. It is the Grand Prismatic Spring crying tears of smoke.

via Michael Nichols / National Geographic

#11 – This is not a one-time shot. This one image is a result of more than a hundred shots being taken. It was indeed worth the effort.

via Stephen Wilkes / National Geographic


#12 – A cute teenage Panda. Don’t be so afraid friend. We are here to protect you.

via Ami Vitale / National Geographic

These pictures do have strong messages hidden behind them, wouldn’t you agree? Do comment and let us know what you think.