12 Awesome Metallic Manicures

There was a time when the world of fashion was quite strict about its rules. For example, you couldn’t wear two metallic shades in the same outfit. However, such notions no longer dictate what people can or can’t do. In fact, these days people love to mix up different metal shades together and see what wonders they can work!

One of the biggest nail trends right now is the mixed metal manicure, in which you rock different metallic shades together, such as silver with gold, or bronze with gold! So read on for 12 awesome metallic mixes.

1. Golden droplets

A silver base with golden spots.

Instagram | @keezastar

2. A silver and gold aesthetic

StyleCaster ImaxTree

3. 50/50

Go for an opalescent neutral with some silver for a gentle mixed manicure.

Instagram | @madoka_jpn

4. Shimmering metallic gradients

Let the metallic shades fade out, mixing two shades into a single unified whole.

Instagram | @bettypring

5. Mixed metallic manicures are taking over the world

The Zoe Report ImaxTree

6. Golden base with silver tips

Instagram | @lacquerage

7. Fall inspired shades

Use bronze, silver, and gold metallic shades to pattern your finger nails with leaf designs.

Instagram | @urbanangelnailsliverpool

8. Two tone silver

Use a thick silver base with some silver glitter polish.


9. Metallic tips

Add metallic shades to just the nail tips, and outline them with yet another shade.

Instagram | @stelanailart

10. Neutral metallic shades

Instagram | @rosesoria00

11. Gold and metallic splatters over black

Edgy, artistic, and trendy.

Instagram | @kimberleykitty

12. Contrasting accented nails

Instagram | @lacquered_lissa