11-Year-Old Boy Comes Home From Vacation Only To Find A Strange Swelling On His Nose

Health scares can be scary. Especially if they affect the loved ones around you. Without any prior warning, someone can just as easily be affected by a deadly disease as easily as they can get a common cold. Just when everything seems to be perfect, it feels like life throws something drastic your way.

When 11-year old Matthew Kirk came home one day after a family vacation, he noticed a small mosquito bite on his skin. However, things started becoming a concern when Kirk was experiencing regular nose bleeds. His parents thought it was just a big bite, until they actually realized what was going on…

Meet 11-year-old Matthew Kirk

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The family had just got back from their family vacation when he started experiencing something weird on his nose.

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His right nostril started swelling to a great amount.

The family assured him that it was just a very very bad bite.

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After visiting a doctor about it, they thought that the swelling was caused due to an infection from a mosquito.

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However, when the swelling persisted, the family knew something was terribly wrong.

After numerous tests to find out the actual cause of the swelling, the doctors concluded that the swelling was in fact caused by cancer in Matthew’s body.

After performing several tests, doctors revealed to the Kirks that their son had an extremely rare form of cancer called alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma.

His mother stated “as soon as doctors mentioned that he would need chemotherapy I burst into tears as it had suddenly hit me that my son had cancer.”

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Matthew’s tumor had progressed to a stage where a part of the tumor was just behind the eye socket because of which normal chemo wouldn’t work.

Doctors had to adopt a different approach which would shrink the tumor without causing damage to Matthew’s eye.

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He was then forced to travel to the US to receive special treatment from cancer specialists there.

The treatment took a total of two months.

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Even though the treatment was extremely painful and something no child should have to endure, Matthew pulled through.

“The treatment was very intense, which left Matthew’s face burnt and peeling as well as giving him severe blisters in his mouth but we knew it was the only way to save our son,” his mother said.

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Luckily, Matthew’s tumor was reduced to an extent where it would no longer be a problem, and Matthew was granted permission to return home.

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Matthew has now made a full recovery.

In the picture below, you see Matthew holding the mask he had to wear for his sessions. “When he went into the school his classmates gave him a massive cheer and were so happy to see him back after such extreme treatment – it really warmed my heart,” said Joanne.

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