11 Things You Definitely Shouldn't Do If You Have A Cold

It’s horrible having a cold and it’s even worse trying to get rid of it! Here are some things you should definitely try and avoid whilst you’re bunged up with that terrible cold. 

1. Try Not To Blow Your Nose As Much


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It’s crazy to think that blowing your nose may actually cause more harm than good. Blowing your nose too hard can actually result in causing extra, unnecessary pressure and could lead to a sinus infection.


2. Don’t Keep Yourself Locked Up Indoors All Day

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Getting yourself outside and getting some fresh air can really do you the world of good. The fresh air can help clear your head and help take your mind off the cold itself.


3. Don’t Over Stuff Yourself With Blankets

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Yes, I know, it’s great to stay wrapped up all day but believe it or not it doesn’t do you any favours. It actually raises your body temperature and can make you feel worse in the long run!


4. Don’t Work Out Too Much


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Some people think that sweating out the cold is a good idea, which it is … if that works. It’s not actually a good idea to do excessive exercise, instead you may want to do some gentle exercise!


5. Don’t Sell Your Soul To The Sanitizer Devil!

Hand dispensor appears after confirmed cases of H1N1 infections.

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Everyone seems to think that lathering yourself in body lotions and sanitizers is a great idea and yes you guessed it its NOT a good idea! You definitely should keep washing yourself often to get rid of the unwelcome bacteria in your system.


6. Don’t Stuff Your Nose Full With Nasal Spray

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It’s great to get that feeling of relief when you use the nasal spray, however, using too much may actually cause you to lose your sense of smell, crazy I know!


7. Don’t Stick To Bread

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Bread and toast may seem like the only thing you can keep down but it’s not actually good for you, it simply breaks down into sugars and definitely isn’t the best idea when you’re unwell!


8. Don’t You Dare Go Driving

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In this day and age it’s difficult to not drive, but realistically going behind the wheel when you have a cold is dangerous to yourself and other road users, just don’t do it.


9. Don’t Be Popping Too Many Vitamins

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It’s actually possible to overdose on vitamins by giving yourself too much vitamin C, the last thing you need it adding to your cold and flu problems.


10. Don’t Be Giving In To Alcohol

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Although you will totally be needing to have a drink to drown your sorrows, this clearly isn’t a great idea. We have all felt the effects of a hangover, so imagine mixing this with a cold, no thanks!


11. Don’t Take Any More Antibiotics Than You Need


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Only take what you need, listen to your doctor and don’t be tempted to take any more antibiotics just to make yourself feel better.

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