11 Optical Illusions That Will Blow Your Mind

 Pattern recognition puts humans at the top of the food chain. Having the ability to pick out shapes and fill in gaps is one of the hallmarks of our big brains. However, that deeply ingrained tendency to fill in those information gaps can play havoc on our brains sometimes. We see things that aren't really there: optical illusions. They can be frustrating, but optical illusions can also make for great puzzles. You have to overcome some of your brain's most powerful instincts to make sense of what you're seeing and sort out the information. Here are a few brain-teasing optical illusion puzzles to challenge your eyes! Please COMMENT on Facebook to tell us how you did with these! Can you read this? Insomniacs can relate.


Everyone loves an optical illusion, it gets us thinking and makes our minds go wild trying to figure it out! I am personally a fan of these tricks and can’t seem to get enough of them. Check out these awesome images that will keep you occupied for a while.  

1. Look cloesly and you can see see a hidden message

via reddit / Johnharter

2. This one confuses my eyes

via reddit / lucasco1991

3. Try and count as many faces as you can

via Octavio Ocampo / Gallery4Collectors.com


4. Now, count the animals you can see, I’m at 25

via Puzzles World


5. Test your eyes even more!




6. Now time for a classic – see if you can count how many faces there are

via Octavio Ocampo / Gallery4Collectors.com


7. This one boggles my mind too



8. No matter how many times I see this one, it always hurts my eyes

via Pinterest / Chris Dowell Bev Dolittle

9. Now time for another strain on your eyes, they are good fun though



10. Now you have to count how many faces there are in this piece – it’s a tricky one!

via Octavio Ocampo / Gallery4Collectors.com


11. Everyone will fall for this one



Check out all these cool optical illusions!

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