10 Ways Your Grandparents Kept the House Warm Before There Was Central Heating

Now that winter is officially here, it is likely that one of your priorities is keeping your home warm.

And, with the rising cost of heating bills, having your radiators on 24/7, just isn’t possible.

While you can layer your clothing and use lots of blankets in bed, there are a few other things you can learn from your grandparents when it comes to preserving indoor heat.

Your grandparents made it through winter after winter without central heating because they knew a few things you don’t!

Here are 10 ways that Grandma and Grandpa kept the family warm on those wintery days of old!

Hopefully, you can use one or two of these tips and tricks to help you and your family stay warm through the chilly months ahead.

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1. Extra Home Baking Means Extra Heat

Flickr / Jessica Fiess-Hill

Nothing like a slice of freshly baked warm bread and a cup of tea for warming up a cold afternoon! Not only can extra baking offer your family a hot treat, but by leaving the oven door open afterwards, the residual heat can be used to warm up the surroundings.

2. Use Leaves, Hay and Even Snow to Insulate the Outside of the House

Flickr / eltpics

Lining the foundation of your home from the outside can stop the cold from getting in. Your grandparents knew that insulation was as important outside as it is inside, something most people now know nothing about.

3. Cover the Walls

Flickr / hundrednorth

Using quilts or blankets to insulate the inside walls will trap the heat that is already in the house. The warmer temperature and fabric walls will make your home a cozy winter haven!

4. Blankets for your windows

Flickr / Kerry Lannert

You can also use blankets on your windows for added indoor insulation. Heat escapes the fastest from your windows and covering them keeps the warm air in and the cold air out.

5. Harvest the Sun

Flickr / Ricardo Macari

When the sun is out, pull back your curtains and lift your blinds, to let the rays in. The heat from the sun can really make a difference to a chilly room as this cat bathing in the sun can testify!

6. Seal off the Spare Room

Flickr / 8one6

Your grandmother knew that by sealing off rooms that are rarely in use, the heat would stay in the main rooms of the home. Block off the doors to any spare bedrooms or the utility room.

7. Put Hosiery Under Doors

Flickr / Jo Naylor

You can now order draft stoppers online and your grandparents probably wouldn’t recognise them now. But back in the day, Grandma and Grandpa used anything from newspaper to rags to stop cold air from getting under the doors.

8. Simmer a Pot of Potpourri on the Stove

Flickr / Ashley Bischoff

A simmering pot of potpourri was Grandma’s alternative to a commercial humidifier. It helps to keep the air warm and moist.

9. Put down Extra Carpets

Flickr / Nicolás Boullosa

Lots of heat is lost through your home’s flooring. Consider putting carpets in rooms, like the kitchen, that don’t usually require them in the summer.

10. Make Use of Your Canopy Bed

Flickr / Susan E Adams

Canopy beds are now considered more decorative than practical, but they use your own body heat to keep you nice and warm throughout the night.