10 Odd Inventions That Surprisingly Actually Exist

The modern world is full of some really great inventions. However, it also has its fair share of truly odd inventions.

Read on for a list of some of those odd inventions you won’t believe actually exist.

1. Duck-bill dog muzzle

© Themetapicture.com

This is an adorable duck-like muzzle for your dog to keep him from biting.

2. Toilet paper dispenser for your head

© hubpages.com

Speaking of odd inventions, this portable toilet paper dispenser can be attached on top of your head when you have a cold.

3. A face mask to prevent noodle splash

© Pinterest.com

This noodle splash protector prevents noodle gravy from splashing onto your hair and turning it greasy!

4. A baby mop

© betterthanpants.com

Babies crawl all around the house anyway, so they might as well clean up while doing so!

5. Ostrich nap cushion

© getweirdgifts.com

These pillows can be worn in the middle of the day so you can slip into an uninterrupted siesta! They’re referred to as ‘ostrich’ because it’s like having your head stuck in the sand.

6. Grass on your feet

© Pinterest.com

These slippers have grass-like extensions attached to their surface so it always feels like you’re walking on grass!

7. Umbrella to keep your whole body dry

© Twitter.com/interiorsmagpie

This might seem like an odd invention, but sometimes an umbrella is just not enough to keep you dry. The wind carries the rain to your clothes regardless. This umbrella comes with a plastic extension for the whole body so you’re totally safe and dry!

8. A stroller that doubles as a scooter

© Pinterest.com

This allows you to take the stroller with speed when you don’t have access to a car. It comes with special brakes for safety purposes.

9. A coffee mug that can be used as an iron

© demilked.com

With this odd invention, you can save up on time in the morning! Drink coffee while using its flat surface to iron your clothes! Just don’t accidentally spill it!

10. A grater for your butter

© Pinterest.com

You no longer need to wait for butter to soften. You can simply grate it over the bread like you do with cheese!