10 Love And Relationship Tweets That Are Just So Funny!

Love is beautiful, lovely, warm, and fuzzy. But a relationship is where the true comedic gold lies!

Below you’ll find the essence of love and relationships boiled down in just 140 characters or less!

1. Why you no love me like that?

© Danny

2. Every. Single. Argument.

© Julia Pomidorri

3. Boyfriend interests. LAME!

© Sophia Benoit

4. You don’t even need to say it anymore.

© imWaavey

5. The knock out punch. Go for it! Do it!

© Brea Simone

6. When you realise too late.

© Jeff Wysaski

7. So fierce yet so sensitive.

© @cuteassshawty

8. Truth!

© tequila love

9. Rubbing your face in it.

© #atlgala 4/16

10. “I ain’t waiting around for the damn fool!”

© Common White Girl