10 Interesting Facts About The Movie Ghost

The 1990 movie Ghost has gone down in history as a classic. It’s an iconic movie, starring some of the most beloved actors of the 80s and 90s, Patrick Swayze, Whoopi Goldberg, and Demi Moore. There are just so many instantly iconic scenes in the movie, scenes that people probably know of even if they haven’t seen the movie! Well, here’s a couple of facts about Ghost that you might find interesting.

1. It was the highest grossing movie in 1990.

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Worldwide, it brought in a gross of $505,702,588, and the movie halls were always sold out. It continued to be shown through 1991 as well.

2. The chase scene was particularly difficult on Patrick.

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When that scene was shot, it was a cold night in New York. In addition to that, Swayze couldn’t put on warm clothes, nor could he let it seem like the cold was affecting him because he was supposed to be a ghost. He had to chew on ice to prevent his warm breath from being visible.

3. Demi can cry on demand. That’s primarily why she was chosen.

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Not only can she cry on demand, she can also choose which eye to cry from!

4. Swayze’s role was initially given to Bruce Willis, who turned it down.

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He thought the movie wouldn’t do well at all. However, later he called himself a “knucklehead” for turning it down.

5. The two ghosts from the movie passed away at the same time, both of them due to cancer.

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Vincent Schiavelli, who played the ghost in the subway, suffered from lung cancer and died at the age of 57. Patrick Swayze suffered from pancreatic cancer and died at the age of 57 as well.

6. The sounds made by the dark shadows is actually the sound of babies crying on reverse.

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7. Patrick gave an ultimatum regarding having Whoopi Goldberg in the movie.

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The casting directors thought that Whoopi might not be right for the part. But Patrick put his foot down and demanded that she be given the role, despite the fact that they’d never met before.

8. Theaters in Mexico handed out tissue papers.

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The envelopes with tissues were meant only for women, but even the men started demanding it.

9. Patrick was cast because he cried in an interview.

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Patrick Swayze had established himself as an action movie star (Road House and Next of Kin) and a romantic lead (Dirty Dancing) neither of which required emotional vulnerability. However, when the directors saw him cry at an interview while talking about his father, they new he was the one.

10. Demi rebelliously cut her hair short.

Wikimedia Commons / Roland Godefroy

Demi chopped off her hair without telling the director about it. He was initially upset, but eventually he realized that this was the perfect look for her character.

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