10 Facts About 'Dirty Dancing' That Are Fascinating!

Is there really anything better than to snuggle up with some hot cocoa and watch some Dirty Dancing?

Dirty Dancing was an innocuous little movie with a small budget and no big names. Yet it garnered enough attention to become a generation defining experience.

Its rise to success was catapulted by the fact that it coincided with the rise of home video technology, making it the first movie to sell over 1 million copies.

Johnny and Baby, played by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, became icons!

If Dirty Dancing is one of your favorite movies ever, then we recommend you read this list of some amazing facts about the movie!

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1. Patrick refused $6 million for an immediate sequel

Wikimedia Commons / Movieclips

Wikimedia Commons / Movieclips

However, he did finally agree to a sequel about 2 decades later, when he starred in Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights.

2. The crawling scene was improvised

YouTube / Movieclips

The iconic scene in which Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey crawl towards one another was just a product of some good old tomfoolery on the part of the actors prior to the actual shoot. But the director liked it so much he kept it in the final cut.

3. Patrick really got annoyed when he ran his hands down Jennifer’s arms

YouTube / Movieclips

Jennifer was quite ticklish and she started laughing. The annoyance you see on Johnny’s face is real. This scene is now recognized as one of the movie’s most honest moments.

4. The trees you see in the background had been painted a lush green

YouTube / Movieclips

It was shot in October so the trees were actually in autumnal shades, and they were falling off. In the background you can still see the green leaves falling off.

5. They were both 10 years older than the characters they played

Wikimedia Commons / Alan Light

Jennifer was then 26-years-old, and Patrick was 34-years-old.

6. Johnny was originally supposed to be played by Val Kilmer

Wikimedia Commons / John Griffiths

Wikimedia Commons / John Griffiths

Val turned down the part. Next, Billy Zane was taken into consideration, but he couldn’t dance well.

7. Cynthia Rhodes was too beautiful even without makeup

YouTube / Movieclips

Cynthia had to wear some heavy makeup for that scene in which Penny is in excruciating pain. Apparently she was too pretty even without makeup.

8. Patrick was his own stunt man

YouTube / Movieclips

He insisted that he would do his own stunts. During the log scene he even injured his own knees in an attempt to get it right.

9. The Song ‘She’s Like The Wind’ Was originally meant for another movie

YouTube / Movieclips

The song was originally meant for the 1984 movie Grandview, but wasn’t used eventually.

10. The actors only rehearsed for two weeks

YouTube / Movieclips

They were on a tight schedule so they had to perfect all the dance moves in just two weeks. The whole movie had to then be shot in just 44 days. They managed to pack a whole lot of perfection in a very short span of time!

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